A Brief History of A-STYLE

Posted On: May 6, 2016 - By admin

You’ve seen the A-Style logo, you liked it, you were witty enough to understand it but you may wonder where it actually comes from. Marco Bruns, a snowboard and kite surfing fanatic invented the A-Style logo in Milan in the early 1990’s. It all started when Marco was reading an […]

Log House Designing Guidelines and Ideas

Posted On: December 8, 2014 - By admin

Usually, individuals who choose to build or buy a log house are non-traditional souls-”free mood.” The decorations inside their houses is as unique as the external overall look. Not long ago, designing such a house was a task, since the items marketed in a common furnishings store didn’t fit-either in […]

Fashion Trends for Spring 2017

Posted On: March 5, 2016 - By admin

For those who have experienced which the previous few months associated with boho as well as folksy styles just appeared great about the really youthful, you’ll inhale the sigh associated with alleviation this particular springtime. Away proceed individuals gypsy dresses as well as stitched covers, within arrives stylish, developed daywear. […]

Cool Designs of Rubber Flooring For Bathrooms

Posted On: July 4, 2013 - By admin

 To reduce the risk of slipping on the bathroom floor with should we use rough or abrasive surfaces. Especially, if users are children or the elderly. Types of textured stone tile floor, generally chosen for the bathroom floor. Another option is a rubber flooring for bathrooms, which are also known […]

Etalon of garden design

Cost Saving Landscaping Tips

Posted On: May 1, 2015 - By admin

It is indeed a costly affair to install and maintain a landscape in and around yourhouse. You should know the cost saving ways to make it a bit more cheaper. Here are some few tips for you to know on how you can save some money with these tips. You […]

Bathroom Decor Presenting Horseshoes

Posted On: December 14, 2014 - By admin

Bathroom decor can in shape any kind of theme and then for any personality. It can also in shape just about any lifestyle. If you want a bathroom concept that’s developed, dodgy, or even using, you might appreciate bathroom decor which includes horseshoes. Horseshoe bathroom decor could be traditional, using […]