A Brief History of A-STYLE

Posted On: May 6, 2016 - By admin

You’ve seen the A-Style logo, you liked it, you were witty enough to understand it but you may wonder where it actually comes from.

Marco Bruns, a snowboard and kite surfing fanatic invented the A-Style logo in Milan in the early 1990’s. It all started when Marco was reading an article, one afternoon.

The letter “i” was next to a capital “A”. Graphical magic! It looked like a small dog. If you added another dot, suddenly the owner of the dog appeared. It was when Marco added two dashes at the bottom of the capital A that the A-Style magic began to happen. It was no longer an innocent dog and its owner, from the letters emerged two passionate lovers!

Marco and his group of friends initially used the A-Style logo to identify their community. Printed on hundreds of stickers, the A-Style logo was soon covering all the traffic lights in Milan. A sign of provocation? A true universal declaration of love?

Whatever it was, people and the press started to talk about it. This was the first act of urban guerrilla marketing by A-Style… and it wasn’t going to end there. Stickers continued to travel around the world spreading the imagery of A-Style and its message of freedom and hedonism.

By 2002, it was time to bring the A-Style logo to a wider audience and spread the love. It was printed on T-shirts and quickly turned into an entire clothing and accessories collection. And why not wear the A-Style logo on your head too? A-Style launched a full range of scooter helmets to complement its clothing collection. Vibrant colours, vintage design, a stylish look with a cheeky edge for a truly free-spirited urbanite.

Colourful and urban, the A-Style look is a unique mix of casual and trendy street-wear that is spreading around the world.

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